Awesome Online Shopping Picks – Summer Sale Section

Hey Lovelies!

I was meant to be doing some graphic design work but instead I ended up looking at pretty things on online shops! So I thought I would share my fabulous finds with you! (I wish I could buy everything I’ve listed it’s very, very tempting.)

What’s amazing about online shopping is you can buy items from another season on sale so you can stash your wardrobe with awesome in my case summery things before they even hit Australia!


Photo Challenge – Photo 28 Shadows & Outfit/ Trend Post – Wedge Sneaker!

New Shoes (and lots of shadows :P)

Hey Guys! sorry for not being daily lately with the photo challenge posts I’ve been pretty busy lately (I also think a part of me doesn’t want the photo challenge to end!) – I’m going to have to change my posting schedule after this photo challenge, I’ll let you all know when I do XD 🙂 – Anyway today’s photo shadows! It’s also kinda an outfit post too (dress, scarf and belt are all actually from Forever New!), I purchased some lovely on trend new shoes today out shopping with one of my gorgeous friends Bee. We actually ended up buying the same shoes! These shoes were purchased from Betts For Her but you can also purchase them here  if you guys love them as much as I do (they actually are very comfy, ultra sparkly shoes!)!

I thought I would also include 6 other awesome wedge sneakers I found on the net, they are definitely all covet worthy! Links to them are listed below 🙂

1 – Ash Bea Bis Multicoloured Wedge Trainers from Asos

2 – Lipstik Fresh Black Fluro

3 – KG Lexi Wedge Trainers

4 – River Island Darice Wedge High Top Trainers

5 – Sportsgirl Deej Fashion Heel Sneaker

6 – Ash Cool Suede Colourblock Blue Strapped Wedge Trainers




Geek Chic – Stylish Tech Accessories For The Fashion Conscious

Guess who has sourced the coolest of the cool gadgets for any fashionista? I have! Here are my top pick Techsessories (And no they Aren’t all Apple products!)

Sony Vaio C series Laptop

I personally own one of these laptops and they are amazing, not only are they neon (which is very in trend this season) but they work pretty damn well too. My baby can handle me using Photoshop, running a full virus scan, iTunes, surfing the web, backing up my files online, and a few word and picture documents all with ease at the same time!. Bonus stylish point – the awesome silicon keyboard covers you can pick up to add extra colour I’m currently typing on hot pink keys!

Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2

I nearly purchased one of these phones but I was only just swayed by price to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone (one of the best phones I’ve owned also definitely worthy of a look at as well). But for a fashionista, fashion blogger, designer or someone in the fashion industry this is a great go to phone, you can write notes and draw ideas down with the pen it comes with on the extra large screen! It also features many organising apps which are beneficial if you are on the go (not to mention all the other ones you can download from the awesome Google play store!).


iPads I have to say are pretty awesome. They are very easy to use, the App Store features a huge variation of handy apps (I think it’s more than Google Play Store, but the apps are a little more exxy if I remember correctly). The latest model comes with a great camera (sneaky selfies), they are great for when you need to read an * E-book or surf the web when you are feeling too lazy to get the laptop out or taking photos of your outfit and emailing it to friends for advice. It’s a very handy Item to have around the home.

(Please, please, please don’t but an e reader for the purpose of only reading books you can purchase from a bookshop I never want to see paperbacks die out like the dinosaurs!)

Digital SLR Canon EOS Range

These cameras are worth the investment. They also come in a huge price and beginner to professional range. I’ve found even being a bit of an amatur Canon EOS cameras are (I recommend 600D for entry level photographers) easy to use as both a point-and-shoot camera or on the manual settings. All the photo’s I’ve taken for my photo challenges are from a Canon EOS SLR so I know for sure they take amazing photos. I’ve also found walking around taking photos with one of these bad boys also makes you look uber important!

Microsoft wireless mouse 3500

These mouses are great for a two reasons – one they come in a huge range of pretty designs and two they work on pretty much any surface!

Headphones and Earphones have a cool range of headphones and earphones under the ifrogz earpollution section. They sound quality is amazing (like you’re really at a concert!), come at a great price and in a huge range of styles and colours to suit or coordinate with anything!

Where can I get pretty cases for my tech accessories? 

here are some shops that I highly suggest, you can purchase them online: – if you love girly or brightly coloured phone, tablet and laptop cases – Very cool laptop cases, they change around all the time – for a range of Apple product cases

Etsy – for gorgeous handmade cases, huge range of styles and designs too!