Oh My Gosh Style Has Reached Over 100 Followers!

I would just like to say a big thank you to every single person who has visited, liked a post, and followed my blog (both WordPress and Bloglovin’ followers)! And all before Oh My Gosh Style has been up and running for a month! THANKYOU!

Today is a pretty big day for Oh My Gosh Style! The blog has also been featured on the amazing blog ‘Jabberjays In My Little Haven’ Thank you so much Ellie! here’s the link if you want to check out the feature and her blog (her style and photographs are amazing!) http://chasingculprit.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/featured-blogger-oh-my-gosh-style.html

In slightly similar news… Oh My Gosh Style also has a Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/OhMyGoshStyle and I was thinking… I might do something special once the Facebook page hits 100 likes but you have to visit the page to find out what that will be ;D

Again thank you so much everyone, It’s a huge compliment and I love you all (In a non-freaky way XD)  🙂 Have an amazing day! xox

Thank you so much everyone 🙂 xox


Sweet Strawberry Cupcakes!


I’ve noticed a mini theme going on here  – I’ve posted quite a bit of strawberry pictures and now I’m going to post a strawberry cupcake recipe! Yesterday I decided to bake cupcakes with strawberries in them to use up the ones I picked the other day. Apart from anything fashion related baking is one of my favourite things to do, I’ve made some pretty crazy things in the past! (blue fortune cookies, lollypop biscuits rainbow layer cake…) I know in the picture it doesnt quite have the height, I used really deep fancy patty pans I think I’ll go back to regular ones the shape comes out much better in them. Anyway here is the recipe!

Sweet Strawberry Cupcakes

You’ll need:

125g of butter

½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

2/3 cup of caster sugar

2 eggs

1 ¼ (185g) of self-raising flour

1/3 cup (80ml) of milk

6 big strawberries chopped

2 tablespoons of strawberry jam (if you don’t like really sweet cupcakes half this amount


1 – Preheat oven to 180c/160c fan forced. Line cupcake tray with 12 patty pans.

2 –Beat the butter, vanilla extract, strawberry jam, sugar and eggs in a small bowl with your electric mixer (or just in your mix master/ kitchen aid if you own one of these amazing mixers).

3- Stir in sifted flour and the milk in two batches. Add the chopped strawberries and stir until they are mixed through the batter.

4 – pour mixture into patty pans and put them in the oven. Bake for around 20 minutes or when a skewer is inserted it comes out clean, or they spring back when touched. (I usually use the latter just to be sure)

5 – turn out cakes onto a wire rack to cool. You can either decorate them with whatever takes your fancy or just leave them plain they taste amazing either way!

If you are going to decorate them you could:

–          Just plain coloured icing and sprinkles like I did

–          Chocolate icing – Yum I might do that next time

–          A butter based icing

–          Dust them with icing sugar

–          Turn them into fairy cakes with jam and cream (or just cream they don’t really need more jam!

Geek Chic – Stylish Tech Accessories For The Fashion Conscious

Guess who has sourced the coolest of the cool gadgets for any fashionista? I have! Here are my top pick Techsessories (And no they Aren’t all Apple products!)

Sony Vaio C series Laptop

I personally own one of these laptops and they are amazing, not only are they neon (which is very in trend this season) but they work pretty damn well too. My baby can handle me using Photoshop, running a full virus scan, iTunes, surfing the web, backing up my files online, and a few word and picture documents all with ease at the same time!. Bonus stylish point – the awesome silicon keyboard covers you can pick up to add extra colour I’m currently typing on hot pink keys!

Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2

I nearly purchased one of these phones but I was only just swayed by price to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone (one of the best phones I’ve owned also definitely worthy of a look at as well). But for a fashionista, fashion blogger, designer or someone in the fashion industry this is a great go to phone, you can write notes and draw ideas down with the pen it comes with on the extra large screen! It also features many organising apps which are beneficial if you are on the go (not to mention all the other ones you can download from the awesome Google play store!).


iPads I have to say are pretty awesome. They are very easy to use, the App Store features a huge variation of handy apps (I think it’s more than Google Play Store, but the apps are a little more exxy if I remember correctly). The latest model comes with a great camera (sneaky selfies), they are great for when you need to read an * E-book or surf the web when you are feeling too lazy to get the laptop out or taking photos of your outfit and emailing it to friends for advice. It’s a very handy Item to have around the home.

(Please, please, please don’t but an e reader for the purpose of only reading books you can purchase from a bookshop I never want to see paperbacks die out like the dinosaurs!)

Digital SLR Canon EOS Range

These cameras are worth the investment. They also come in a huge price and beginner to professional range. I’ve found even being a bit of an amatur Canon EOS cameras are (I recommend 600D for entry level photographers) easy to use as both a point-and-shoot camera or on the manual settings. All the photo’s I’ve taken for my photo challenges are from a Canon EOS SLR so I know for sure they take amazing photos. I’ve also found walking around taking photos with one of these bad boys also makes you look uber important!

Microsoft wireless mouse 3500

These mouses are great for a two reasons – one they come in a huge range of pretty designs and two they work on pretty much any surface!

Headphones and Earphones

http://www.zagg.com have a cool range of headphones and earphones under the ifrogz earpollution section. They sound quality is amazing (like you’re really at a concert!), come at a great price and in a huge range of styles and colours to suit or coordinate with anything!

Where can I get pretty cases for my tech accessories? 

here are some shops that I highly suggest, you can purchase them online:

http://www.forevernew.com.au – if you love girly or brightly coloured phone, tablet and laptop cases

http://www.kikki-k.com – Very cool laptop cases, they change around all the time

Zagg.com – for a range of Apple product cases

Etsy – for gorgeous handmade cases, huge range of styles and designs too!

How to – 80’s Hair, Makeup And Style!

I thought I’d do a fun tutorial today and go very 80’s (may or may not be inspired from a jumper I wore in a previous post XD). This look is very achievable with the right tools and is a lot quicker than my other tutorial I did the other week on everyday vintage, here’s the link if you want to check it out 🙂 https://ohmygoshstyle.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/how-to-everyday-vintage-hair-and-makeup/

This particular look is great if you are daring enough to wear it out, probably best saved for a party or a great time out with the girls!

Step 1: Apply your foundation as usual. (Sorry about shadows in the photos I did this as the sun was setting lighting was a bit tricky!)

Step 2: Blusher time, I used a pinky red shade. Smile when you apply the blusher so you can see your cheekbones, apply in an upwards motion on your cheekbones.

Step 3: Apply your eyeliner start from the inner corner and draw a line to the outer edge of your eye, draw a line with the same thickness from the outer edge to the inner edge underneath your eye.

Step 4: Eyeliner time! to make it easier I have a made a quick diagram using Photoshop I know it looks a little odd I’ve used a photo of myself as an underlay. Start of with your primary blue colour and apply to your eyelid and the above area. Next apply a purple shade to your eyelid area only. Finally apply a lighter blue (try for a lighter version of the main blue you used) in the inner corner of your eyes.

Here’s an up close shot… I hope it helps!

Step 5: Apply a metallic shade of lippy in a pink or red hue! now you’re ready for hair!

Step 6: This hairstyle I’ve done involves a crimper. I find a crimper is an easy way to create big 80’s hair because it makes your hair kinda frizzy and boffy looking :). In Australia you can pickup a pretty good one for around $25 the one I’m using is a VS Sassoon brand crimper. Crimp your hair all over. I then back brushed my hair especially around the front of my head to create height and flipped my hair to one side, its alot eaiser to do it this way than full on teasing your hair with a comb. Play around with how you want your hair and then add lots of hairspray.

Step 7: Accessorize!! I put a scrunchie in my hair, and my mum’s big gold hoops she always use to wear in the 80’s. You can find scrunchies at $2 shops or accessories shops if you are lucky. Raid your Mum’s jewelry to find some gold hoops or big earrings. When I went out today I saw lots of 80’s earrings for sale at Op shops for a few dollars so they are an easy find. You could alternatively wear a scarf in your hair, lots of jewelry, peplum, shoulder padded jackets, lace gloves, over sized jumpers (which Is what I have done) or coloured tights to achieve the eighties look!

Done! Make sure to add some awesome 80’s accessories 🙂

* Extra Tip: Play some awesome 80’s tracks while you do your hair and make up it will really get you in the mood! My personal favorites are: Together in Electric Dreams by Giorgio Moroder / Phil Oakey , Celebration by Madonna , Let’s Go To The Mall by Robin Sparkles (okay it’s not 80’s but hey its from HIMYM), She’s Got The Look by Roxette and Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol.

Must See Wedding Tips For Any Bride To Be!

After being the only Bridesmaid/wedding planner/ DJ for my Mothers wedding on the 1st of September I have learnt and come across some amazing tips for weddings, especially some amazing cost saving ones!

Today my mother’s wedding was featured in the wedding section of the newspaper. It was pretty exciting the photo the paper used included me (the bridesmaid) and my brother (the ring barer). The theme for the wedding was Black and White and the colours of the wedding party were black, white, pink, and silver. I thought in celebration of the wedding being put in the paper today I would do a post on amazing wedding amazing tips! Most of the wedding was done by us (my Mum and I) 5 weeks before the wedding! So we achieved everything for the wedding at a really good price without losing quality. It was a total ball helping plan a wedding I can’t wait to plan mine one day in the future!

Buy the dress online and get it tailored

You can get wedding dresses that are great quality online and at an amazing price. Make sure you measure your hips, waist and bust and any other measurements they requires, if its a little small in one area go up a size, then you can get the dress tailored in person so it fits like a glove. I suggest Light In The Box, that’s where my mother got her wedding dress from. Make sure the retailer you use has a return policy and is a trusted retailer of dresses, you don’t want a bad quality dress!

Wear Costume Jewellery/ accessories

This can really cut down on the price if you are planning to have lots of Bling. If it looks real and the price is irresistible then go for it!

Purchase flowers at your local markets

We saved hundreds of dollars. Quotes alone on flower arrangements some were in the high hundreds too for only a few bouquets from the local florists and wholesalers! In the end we went to the local markets a day before the wedding and purchased bunches of flowers and did simple arrangements ourselves.

Get married before the ‘Wedding Season’

Venues and services will be cheaper because there are fewer weddings on.

Do the music yourself!

Everyone these days has mp3 players or iPods – make sure your venue has the facilities to play an iPod over their sound system. This way you also know that you won’t have any dud songs playing because you chose them all! You can also get apps for your iPod that allow the guests to choose music from your playlist. So everyone can pick their fave songs during the night!

Purchase decorations at your local discount shop or department store

You wouldn’t believe it but that’s what we did. If you search you can find some really nice things hiding in those stores! (They are especially amazing if you want to have tea light candles and tea light candle holders).

Do the invitations, menus and thank you cards yourself.

This tip is especially great if you a) have patience and b) are a bit on the creative side. If you aren’t as creative you can get kits online and do them yourselves. You can find supplies for doing your own cards and invites at your local craft or scrap booking shop.

Don’t Buy specialty chocolates or sugar coated almonds for the bonbonniere

We purchased a popular chocolate in South Australia FruChoc’s and Maltesers wrapped them in little cellophane bags and placed them in mini pails. Let’s just say they didn’t last until dessert was even served.

Do your own Makeup (and if you are pretty good at it your hair too!)

Practice on your makeup and watch tutorials online before the big day so you don’t mess up. Now the reason why I included hair is because I did originally get mine done by a hairdresser but it was a total disaster (My normal hairdresser left, the replacement I had was sick so I got a stand in! she didn’t know how to curl hair instead she burnt mine and stabbed my head multiple times with bobby pins until I looked rather silly).

Have Disposable Cameras!

You will get so many more photos and from the guest perspectives. They are lots of fun too!


Self-explanatory really, have a few hours before the wedding where you can dedicate just to you and have everything else ready to go. (Or in the case of emergencies and you need extra time to ahem… fix your hair.

Photo Challenge – Photo 17 Food

This is one of the best things in the world, eating TimTams and hot tea. But what’s makes it even better is eating TimTams and hot tea this secret method i’ll let you in on! This should work with other similar choc coated style biscuits available in other countries too  if you can’t get your hands on some TimTams 🙂 – Bite of the corners off on opposite ends of the biscuit then dunk one end into the tea and suck through the other end where you bit the other corner of the TimTam until hot tea comes through. Eat the biscuit before it collapses and it is AMAZING. have any other Aussies done this before?

TimTams are the most amazing biscuit ever! They are very popular here in Australia.



What do Trekkies and Fashionistas Have In Common?

Sci-fi fashion trends of course!

I was checking out the Who What Wear website today and noticed in a trend report posted a few days ago one of the big trends for autumn this year is Sci-fi. I’m not going to lie that makes me a little excited (I’m a bit of a Star-Trek Next Gen fan). What I found really stood out to me was the look of the clothes displaying the trend is very reminiscent of Starfleet uniforms and clothes worn when off duty. No inspiration seemed to come from other big Sci-fi franchises (I guess Darth Vader helmets didn’t quite translate this year). Sci-fi being a big trend is pretty awesome, especially for fans although I have to say I have noticed it coming. Lots of people here in Australia are obsessed with galaxy prints, especially leggings and wearing them as pants; this trend here has definitely brought a new meaning to the cheesy line ‘Your ass is outta this world!’*.

I pose a challenge to all Science Fiction fans whether you are a Trekkie, Gater, Galactican, Star Wars enthusiast even if you’re a little retro and love Lost in Space! Whatever flies your spaceship, I challenge you all to work a little sci-fi into your everyday wardrobe (no this does not include printed tees). Whether it’s part of your costume collection, something quirky and reminds you of your favourite series work it into your everyday wear. I’d love to see what you come up with! Extra points if you can incorporate a Darth Vader Helmet!

Link me a photo of you working sci-fi into your everyday style, the best photos will be featured on my blog, I can’t wait!

*may or may not be used as a legitimate pick up line if you are wearing galaxy print leggings or pants.


Hey guys! I have a page on LOOKBOOK now if you want to checkout extra outfits! I’ve just uploaded my first one, my gorgeous followers might recognise it from an earlier article I’ve posted 🙂

Does anyone else have a LOOKBOOK account? What are your experiences with it so far? if you have an account could you please comment me your link, I’d love to check other peoples looks out! 🙂



My Fashion Bucketlist

I must admit my list is a little ambitious! but I hope to achieve these things one day, is there anything on this list that anyone else has achieved or wants to do? I’d love to hear what fashionable things you guys want to achieve 🙂 xox

1 – Own a Burberry trench coat ❤

2- Build up a collection of Guess handbags (I have two so far!)

3- Own an Etsy shop!

4- Make friends through fashion blogging 🙂

5- Work for a fashion publication/magazine (sort of achieved, I’ve done work experience before at one :D)

6-  Finish my Diploma in Styling so i’m an accredited stylist!

7- Own a 1950’s prom dress

8- Sew an Elizabethan dress

9- Help out at a fashion Parade

10- Visit vintage shops in another country

11- Being able to properly walk in high heels

12- Being asked to cover a fashion event

13- Take the plunge and dye all my hair pink, not just streaks!

14 – Learn how to use my dslr on manual

15- build my current blog up to be the best it can be 🙂