Buffy Inspired Style

Hi Lovelies!

I thought I’d do a Buffy inspired style post today… I may or may not have been inspired because I met James Marsters (Spike) yesterday at Supanova!! Spike was hands down my favourite character in the Buffy series…  I even have the collectors doll too. I never thought I would get the chance to meet James though!! He is so lovely and charming it was definitely worth the wait to pick up the photo afterwards (an hour and a half… the ticket machine with the photo numbers broke so they had to give the photos out by identifying people in the photos!) if anyone ever gets the chance to go to Supanova do it, its really awesome 🙂

I was so shy/ starstruck I didn’t know what to say to him! but very very happy 🙂

The Buffy inspired outfit I have put together today is one that she wears in the first episode, (when she goes out at night and first meets Angel and he gives her the crucifix necklace) its a classic denim on denim look. I did change the ring though to a very similar one she wears later in the season of a plastic pink rose.


Has Fashion Gone To The Hunger Games?


Has anyone else noticed District 1 has been slowly overtaking our fashion and beauty routine?

I have, but shhh I don’t want the Capitol and District 1 to realise I’m on to them. Lets just keep it between us okay?

What you don’t believe me? Well then let me prove it too you then!

District 1 has some interesting fashion and beauty trends, and its filtering down to us in love with fashion and beauty. In fact… I wouldn’t be surprised if we all looked like Effie Trinket in the years to come.

Point 1 – Coloured Hair

Has anyone else noticed brightly coloured hair lately is quite popular? Gosh even I’m victim to Capitol One trend. And it’s also very easy to change our hair colour with all these new products on the scene – dye, powders, wigs, extensions…


Point 2 – Eyelashes and Eyeshadow

Again all garish and brightly coloured. and the false eyelashes who knew they could come in so many different shapes and styles. let alone with glitter, feathers or diamantes!

Look! You can even purchase Effie’s falsies at http://www.sephora.com/deer-butterfly-eyelashes-P294802

Point 3 – Nail Polish and Nail Art

Has anyone noticed the nail art trend? Katniss had flames painted on her nails too for The Hunger Games… I’ve noticed this Capitol 1 trend quite a bit lately, even convincing everyday beauty lovers to adorn their nails advertising the Capitols beloved reality show…

Point 4 – Peplum

Effie Trinket always wears peplum. You know what? we do too.


Point 5 – Very Sparkly High Heels and Dresses

District 1 loves everything and anything luxe, hell they even name their kids after luxe items, Glimmer, Cashmere, Trinket ring a bell anyone? And I’ve Seen sparkly high heels and dresses everywhere from sequins to stones.


Point 6 – Neon

Now I’m sure this trend is to make it easier to Identify us. We all know how much they loved neon orange backpacks for tributes in the Hunger Games.


Point 7 Oxblood, skulls, and spikes.

All things related to the actual Hunger Games – blood, death and weapons.


Do you believe me now? see, I told you we were under the Capitols control…


Style Guide – Mix and Match Magic!

As a fashion blogger I love trends and the latest fashion as much as the next fashionista (neon for summer, cute skull accessories and peplum? yes please!). But I would never wear all the latest trends in one go, or all the top designer brands in one outfit even if I had a highly disposable income or won the lottery. Mixing and matching all different things is lots of fun and can really step up an outfit to the next level; plus that feeling of scoring a totally adorable necklace for a few dollars at an op shop is a massive win!

I’ve put together an example outfit for this post of mixing and matching. Would you believe that I’m wearing designer, chain store, op-shop and discount store all in one outfit? Looks kinda cool hey. Can you guess what piece is from where? I’ll tell you at the end of this post.

If you’re like me and can’t afford lots of high end items its best to invest in basic pieces that will last you for years. That way that $300 dollar peplum top will not date in a season or two. Key pieces to invest in are a good trench or winter coat, a little black dress, a classic watch, white shirt, jeans, and a classic heels or boots. Only purchase these items in your size, if the cut is a knockout on you and in basic colours such as black, beige, taupe, white, and blue for jeans. That way they will also test the stand of time and mix and match with all your seasonal pieces. The only time you should make an exception to this rule is if the item looks amazing on you, is in your absolute favourite colour and you know you will get lots of wear out of over the years. Most high end in season items filter down into chain stores and you can get a replica at a bargain price.

Next tip – Don’t be a slave to fashion. Don’t wear the latest trends because they are the hottest thing. Wear what you love, what’s right for YOU and reflect what you love. That way you will love what you are wearing and look fabulous in it.

Mixing old and new is epic. It’s like you are giving another life to an item, It gets to be in the spotlight not once but twice. Mixing old pieces with new I think should be statement pieces or a complete classic. Vintage has a certain charm and charisma about it, you wouldn’t let Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe sit at the back would you now? (I definitely wouldn’t even if Lady Gaga and Katy Perry were at the show).

The easiest way to introduce a little of the latest trend into your wardrobe without breaking the bank is by accessorizing. you can take a classic shirt and jeans and completely change the look with the accessories, a bit like a vanilla cupcake but with pink frosting, sprinkles and a cherry on top or coated with a rich chocolate icing (I’m really craving cupcakes at the moment and listening to pop music, sorry for all the lame examples XD). There are millions of combinations and additions you can have with a great foundation. Like in my example I am wearing a denim dress which I can style up many different ways. Today I actually started of wearing a blue headband, hoop earring, different handbag and strappy shoes, but really I ended up feeling tickled pink!

Did you guess correctly? – The dress is from forever new (chain store), shoes from BigW (discount store), handbag is Guess (designer/chain), headband – Alannah Hill (designer), bow necklace – Goodwill (op shop)

I must admit my designer items are my “must have and will get lots of use out of” purchases 😛 :).