Photo Challenge – Photo 29 Sleep

I went a bit creative with this one, sleep backwards is peels so here is a sneak peek of a recipe post for tomorrow!

peels the banana 😛


Photo Challenge – Photo 28 Shadows & Outfit/ Trend Post – Wedge Sneaker!

New Shoes (and lots of shadows :P)

Hey Guys! sorry for not being daily lately with the photo challenge posts I’ve been pretty busy lately (I also think a part of me doesn’t want the photo challenge to end!) – I’m going to have to change my posting schedule after this photo challenge, I’ll let you all know when I do XD 🙂 – Anyway today’s photo shadows! It’s also kinda an outfit post too (dress, scarf and belt are all actually from Forever New!), I purchased some lovely on trend new shoes today out shopping with one of my gorgeous friends Bee. We actually ended up buying the same shoes! These shoes were purchased from Betts For Her but you can also purchase them here  if you guys love them as much as I do (they actually are very comfy, ultra sparkly shoes!)!

I thought I would also include 6 other awesome wedge sneakers I found on the net, they are definitely all covet worthy! Links to them are listed below 🙂

1 – Ash Bea Bis Multicoloured Wedge Trainers from Asos

2 – Lipstik Fresh Black Fluro

3 – KG Lexi Wedge Trainers

4 – River Island Darice Wedge High Top Trainers

5 – Sportsgirl Deej Fashion Heel Sneaker

6 – Ash Cool Suede Colourblock Blue Strapped Wedge Trainers




Photo Challenge – Photo 27 Something Pink

This one was easy! – my hair… and my Alannah Hill headband!


Photo Challenge – Photo 26 Shoes

I love these shoes so much that they don’t live in my wardrobe… instead they are a decoration in my bedroom!


Photo Challenge – Photo 25 Sunrise

Not exactly a sunrise, but it has ‘sun’ on the license plate and is the colour of a sunrise 😉


Photo Challenge – Photo 24 Bokeh

It took lots of playing around on the manual settings to kinda get the bokeh effect! I don’t think its to bad for an SLR newbie 🙂

beads and gemstones!


Photo Challenge – Photo 23 Water

water fountain 🙂


Photo Challenge – Photo 22 Symmetry

I went strawberry picking today, its amazing how symmetrcal all the little seeds are, its amazing what you can see in nature when you look at it from a different perspective 🙂


Photo Challenge – Photo 21 Home

My Desk! It’s a little messy, As you can see I love books and magazines… and my laptop ❤ 😀


Photo Challenge – Photo 20 Long Exposure

This photo wasn’t actually taken by me it was taken by the ever so lovely Alexis my bf :). He was teaching me how to do long exposures I had learnt last year in high school but I have forgotten since then. This was one of my favourite photos that was taken. We were on a bridge near the freeway so all the lights from the cars are all in long lines. There were other photos with more noticeable effects but I decided on this one for tonight I’m a bit tired! I’ve punched up the brightness on this photo so you can see my fabulous op shop find I purchased today an 80’s jumper! (and my Happy Birthday Tiara just for fun) –  I’ll do a proper post on op shopping soon, in the mean time here is the photo!

Light Painting! credits to Alexis