What do Trekkies and Fashionistas Have In Common?

Sci-fi fashion trends of course!

I was checking out the Who What Wear website today and noticed in a trend report posted a few days ago one of the big trends for autumn this year is Sci-fi. I’m not going to lie that makes me a little excited (I’m a bit of a Star-Trek Next Gen fan). What I found really stood out to me was the look of the clothes displaying the trend is very reminiscent of Starfleet uniforms and clothes worn when off duty. No inspiration seemed to come from other big Sci-fi franchises (I guess Darth Vader helmets didn’t quite translate this year). Sci-fi being a big trend is pretty awesome, especially for fans although I have to say I have noticed it coming. Lots of people here in Australia are obsessed with galaxy prints, especially leggings and wearing them as pants; this trend here has definitely brought a new meaning to the cheesy line ‘Your ass is outta this world!’*.

I pose a challenge to all Science Fiction fans whether you are a Trekkie, Gater, Galactican, Star Wars enthusiast even if you’re a little retro and love Lost in Space! Whatever flies your spaceship, I challenge you all to work a little sci-fi into your everyday wardrobe (no this does not include printed tees). Whether it’s part of your costume collection, something quirky and reminds you of your favourite series work it into your everyday wear. I’d love to see what you come up with! Extra points if you can incorporate a Darth Vader Helmet!

Link me a photo of you working sci-fi into your everyday style, the best photos will be featured on my blog, I can’t wait!

*may or may not be used as a legitimate pick up line if you are wearing galaxy print leggings or pants.


Challenge Accepted Style Series – Farmers Union Iced Coffee

I was talking to a friend about different types of things I could get inspired by for an article I was going to write when out of the blue they said Farmers Union Iced Coffee. So of course I said challenge accepted to come up with a party outfit based around the beloved iced coffee. Here is what I came up with! comment what you think or any suggestions for another Challenge Accepted Style Series for me to do! xox PS please excuse my quickie photoshopping XD

It’s a Farmers Union Iced Coffee Outfit Or Its Nothing ;D