How to Find Inspiration

mindSometimes it can be a little puzzling to come up with a new blog post, a topic for an assignment or something awesome to wear to that big event coming up. Even I find coming up with ideas can be a complete road block sometimes. Here are some tried and tested ways that I’ve used in the past for coming up with in-genius ideas!

1 Books, Magazines and Newspapers Are Your Best Friend

– Open up a magazine to a random page and tell yourself ‘I need to find inspiration from the page I look at’ look at the page until you find a word or image that captures your attention and then think of how you could apply it to that blog post you need to write.

– Read, Read and Read. Staying up to date with not only the latest trends but politics, world events, local events, people, places and things will be a great source of inspiration. Read through your local newspaper or on the net (though I think newspapers are more fun!).

– Grab a novel, a pretty coffee table book or even a book you have no interest in and read some of it – not only will you learn something new, enjoy a great story, feast your eyes on pretty pictures, or if its a really awful book learn what not to do. Think about what you can take away from this book and apply it.

2 Mind Map Your Brain

– You need a piece of paper, pen (or pencil or quill what ever floats your boat) and a dictionary for this one. Open up the dictionary to a random page and the first word you look at write down in the centre of the piece of paper and draw a circle around it. draw a line of to the next word or thing you think of that reminds you of that word and keep going for a good couple of minutes until you have a plethora of words scrawled all over your page. You’re sure to find inspiration from at least something you wrote down (or a bit of a laugh if its a really inappropriate or odd word you had to start off with).

– Write in the centre of your page what you need to find inspiration for. then draw lines of from to other things you have thought of so far – see if you can expand them further or take it to crazy ideas that you think won’t work or you’ve done in the past – you may find that the perfect idea will evolve.

3 Mood boards, Mood Books and Pinterest 

Collect pictures of pretty things you love, a style that’s inspired you or even pictures of funny cats. You can just stick to pictures but including colours, colour schemes, textures, trinkets, texts, quotes and anything else you can pin or put into a book will give you a great visual of things that you can take inspiration from. You can pin them on a board, to your Pinterest account or put them in a scrapbook or folder!

4 People Watch

Put yourself in their shoes, imagines what shoes they would have, try to guess their hobbies, wonder where they have traveled before, look at their outfit, guess what they ate for lunch, what do you think would be on their Ipod, what do you think inspires them? these are just a handful of questions and ideas you can use to spur off thoughts and ideas that you can apply  to your lack of inspiration!

5 Do the Exact Opposite of What I’ve Said

Or you can let the idea and inspiration come to you and just wait until something catches your eye or clicks in your mind, it will feel like it was fate!


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