Hair Colour Trend Prediction

I know this may sound a little crazy but I have a theory that hair colours and styles I have done and do become quite popular in the future.

for example:

All the way back in 2010 I dyed parts of my hair pink 🙂 (haha I may have revisited it again this year) I’ve also noticed dip dying and colouring hair from the colours of the rainbow has become quite popular in 2012 :)!


at the start of 2011 I started to style my hair 1940’s style, especially Victory Rolls. while this isn’t as popular as coloured hair has been I’ve noticed a spike in popularity of vintage hairstyles this year too.


and finally, This year a week ago actually I dyed my hair a very vibrant copper colour (inspired by the lovely ladies Karen Gillan from Dr Who and Christina Hendricks from Mad Men) so I predict that Copper is going to be a hot colour in the near future ;D


does anyone think my prediction is crazy or i’m onto something here ;D? xoxox


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