How to – 80’s Hair, Makeup And Style!

I thought I’d do a fun tutorial today and go very 80’s (may or may not be inspired from a jumper I wore in a previous post XD). This look is very achievable with the right tools and is a lot quicker than my other tutorial I did the other week on everyday vintage, here’s the link if you want to check it out 🙂

This particular look is great if you are daring enough to wear it out, probably best saved for a party or a great time out with the girls!

Step 1: Apply your foundation as usual. (Sorry about shadows in the photos I did this as the sun was setting lighting was a bit tricky!)

Step 2: Blusher time, I used a pinky red shade. Smile when you apply the blusher so you can see your cheekbones, apply in an upwards motion on your cheekbones.

Step 3: Apply your eyeliner start from the inner corner and draw a line to the outer edge of your eye, draw a line with the same thickness from the outer edge to the inner edge underneath your eye.

Step 4: Eyeliner time! to make it easier I have a made a quick diagram using Photoshop I know it looks a little odd I’ve used a photo of myself as an underlay. Start of with your primary blue colour and apply to your eyelid and the above area. Next apply a purple shade to your eyelid area only. Finally apply a lighter blue (try for a lighter version of the main blue you used) in the inner corner of your eyes.

Here’s an up close shot… I hope it helps!

Step 5: Apply a metallic shade of lippy in a pink or red hue! now you’re ready for hair!

Step 6: This hairstyle I’ve done involves a crimper. I find a crimper is an easy way to create big 80’s hair because it makes your hair kinda frizzy and boffy looking :). In Australia you can pickup a pretty good one for around $25 the one I’m using is a VS Sassoon brand crimper. Crimp your hair all over. I then back brushed my hair especially around the front of my head to create height and flipped my hair to one side, its alot eaiser to do it this way than full on teasing your hair with a comb. Play around with how you want your hair and then add lots of hairspray.

Step 7: Accessorize!! I put a scrunchie in my hair, and my mum’s big gold hoops she always use to wear in the 80’s. You can find scrunchies at $2 shops or accessories shops if you are lucky. Raid your Mum’s jewelry to find some gold hoops or big earrings. When I went out today I saw lots of 80’s earrings for sale at Op shops for a few dollars so they are an easy find. You could alternatively wear a scarf in your hair, lots of jewelry, peplum, shoulder padded jackets, lace gloves, over sized jumpers (which Is what I have done) or coloured tights to achieve the eighties look!

Done! Make sure to add some awesome 80’s accessories 🙂

* Extra Tip: Play some awesome 80’s tracks while you do your hair and make up it will really get you in the mood! My personal favorites are: Together in Electric Dreams by Giorgio Moroder / Phil Oakey , Celebration by Madonna , Let’s Go To The Mall by Robin Sparkles (okay it’s not 80’s but hey its from HIMYM), She’s Got The Look by Roxette and Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol.


8 thoughts on “How to – 80’s Hair, Makeup And Style!

    • Thank you Michi! It’s taken a few years of practice and holding my eyelids in place! I’ve found the best eyeliner is ‘Revlon Colourstay liquid eyeliner’ because if you stuff up once it dries out a little you only need a earbud dipped in water to fix up any smudges or thin out the lines as it comes of with warm water! 🙂 xox

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