Must See Wedding Tips For Any Bride To Be!

After being the only Bridesmaid/wedding planner/ DJ for my Mothers wedding on the 1st of September I have learnt and come across some amazing tips for weddings, especially some amazing cost saving ones!

Today my mother’s wedding was featured in the wedding section of the newspaper. It was pretty exciting the photo the paper used included me (the bridesmaid) and my brother (the ring barer). The theme for the wedding was Black and White and the colours of the wedding party were black, white, pink, and silver. I thought in celebration of the wedding being put in the paper today I would do a post on amazing wedding amazing tips! Most of the wedding was done by us (my Mum and I) 5 weeks before the wedding! So we achieved everything for the wedding at a really good price without losing quality. It was a total ball helping plan a wedding I can’t wait to plan mine one day in the future!

Buy the dress online and get it tailored

You can get wedding dresses that are great quality online and at an amazing price. Make sure you measure your hips, waist and bust and any other measurements they requires, if its a little small in one area go up a size, then you can get the dress tailored in person so it fits like a glove. I suggest Light In The Box, that’s where my mother got her wedding dress from. Make sure the retailer you use has a return policy and is a trusted retailer of dresses, you don’t want a bad quality dress!

Wear Costume Jewellery/ accessories

This can really cut down on the price if you are planning to have lots of Bling. If it looks real and the price is irresistible then go for it!

Purchase flowers at your local markets

We saved hundreds of dollars. Quotes alone on flower arrangements some were in the high hundreds too for only a few bouquets from the local florists and wholesalers! In the end we went to the local markets a day before the wedding and purchased bunches of flowers and did simple arrangements ourselves.

Get married before the ‘Wedding Season’

Venues and services will be cheaper because there are fewer weddings on.

Do the music yourself!

Everyone these days has mp3 players or iPods – make sure your venue has the facilities to play an iPod over their sound system. This way you also know that you won’t have any dud songs playing because you chose them all! You can also get apps for your iPod that allow the guests to choose music from your playlist. So everyone can pick their fave songs during the night!

Purchase decorations at your local discount shop or department store

You wouldn’t believe it but that’s what we did. If you search you can find some really nice things hiding in those stores! (They are especially amazing if you want to have tea light candles and tea light candle holders).

Do the invitations, menus and thank you cards yourself.

This tip is especially great if you a) have patience and b) are a bit on the creative side. If you aren’t as creative you can get kits online and do them yourselves. You can find supplies for doing your own cards and invites at your local craft or scrap booking shop.

Don’t Buy specialty chocolates or sugar coated almonds for the bonbonniere

We purchased a popular chocolate in South Australia FruChoc’s and Maltesers wrapped them in little cellophane bags and placed them in mini pails. Let’s just say they didn’t last until dessert was even served.

Do your own Makeup (and if you are pretty good at it your hair too!)

Practice on your makeup and watch tutorials online before the big day so you don’t mess up. Now the reason why I included hair is because I did originally get mine done by a hairdresser but it was a total disaster (My normal hairdresser left, the replacement I had was sick so I got a stand in! she didn’t know how to curl hair instead she burnt mine and stabbed my head multiple times with bobby pins until I looked rather silly).

Have Disposable Cameras!

You will get so many more photos and from the guest perspectives. They are lots of fun too!


Self-explanatory really, have a few hours before the wedding where you can dedicate just to you and have everything else ready to go. (Or in the case of emergencies and you need extra time to ahem… fix your hair.


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