My Fashion Bucketlist

I must admit my list is a little ambitious! but I hope to achieve these things one day, is there anything on this list that anyone else has achieved or wants to do? I’d love to hear what fashionable things you guys want to achieve 🙂 xox

1 – Own a Burberry trench coat ❤

2- Build up a collection of Guess handbags (I have two so far!)

3- Own an Etsy shop!

4- Make friends through fashion blogging 🙂

5- Work for a fashion publication/magazine (sort of achieved, I’ve done work experience before at one :D)

6-  Finish my Diploma in Styling so i’m an accredited stylist!

7- Own a 1950’s prom dress

8- Sew an Elizabethan dress

9- Help out at a fashion Parade

10- Visit vintage shops in another country

11- Being able to properly walk in high heels

12- Being asked to cover a fashion event

13- Take the plunge and dye all my hair pink, not just streaks!

14 – Learn how to use my dslr on manual

15- build my current blog up to be the best it can be 🙂



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