How To – Everyday Vintage Hair and Makeup

Everyday Vintage Hair and Makeup

Full on vintage hair and makeup looks fabulous when going out on the town but can be a little over the top for during the day. Here is my first how to, rock vintage style during the day without looking over the top!

We will start off with makeup first, for starters, pull your hair of your face, and do what is part of your normal makeup prep routine.


1: apply your concealer, foundation and some power to your face, make sure that the foundation and power you use is the same colour as your skin or lighter, we aren’t looking for a bronzed beauty style today 🙂

2: apply eyeliner, do this in a winged style. have the line be thinner towards the inner part of your eye and gradually build up the line to be thicker and winged shape on the outer part. Draw a thin line on the bottom part of your eye from the winged part to a quarter of the way in towards your eye again thinning out the line as you go.

3: Apply a light silvery eye shadow over the eyelid. this can go over the eyeliner a little, play around with this until the eye shadow suits you.

4: Mascara! put a few coats on because this style doesn’t require false eyelashes, build them up as much as you can without them going all thick and clumpy.

5: Next apply your favourite pale/ subdued pink lippy, really define your lips with the lipstick.

haha you can tell I took this one my self XD

6: Makeup is done! now onto hair!


7: let your hair down.

8: create a side part in between your ear and the middle of your forehead.

9: Grab your curling tongs and curl your hair all over, it does not matter too much if you don’t curl the top half much. hairspray it in and let the hairspray ‘set’ or dry for at least 5 minutes.

10: while you are doing this, grab the front section you hair on the side with the most hair. backcomb this down to your forehead. this is to create a bit of height, and give your hair a softer Veronica style. Pinch this section so it stands up a little more, hairspray this part and then play around with placement of where you want the rest of your hair to sit.

this is the kind of look we are going for, isn’t Veronica Lake amazing?

11: Brush all of your curls out but start lightly, this is so you can judge how much your hair needs to be brushed out to create soft sexy glamour waves. hairspray and then you are done and all vintaged up for the day!

Finished! 🙂 xox


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