3 Tips To Look And Feel Amazing This Summer

gorgeous views, just like you!

Don’t let a number on the scales determine how sexy you feel this summer, or obsessing over a part of your body nobody is perfect (for anyone that wants to know I really dislike my thighs) Ditch the scales, focus on your fabulous self (did I tell you your eyes are very attractive ;D?)  and feel sexy this summer with some of these tips!


I cannot stress this one enough. 2 in 3 Australians develop skin cancer by the age of 70 which is a whopping 66.6% of the population. Another pretty big reason you want to slip-slop-slap is how sexy would you feel with a very sunburnt face and body when going out? Pass the sunscreen please. If you want to get a tan, you can go down the fake tan path and get it done professionally or buy a bottle from even the local supermarket. If you want to self-tan buy one that builds up a tan over time, that way there is a lesser risk of streaky legs or worse…. Looking like an oompa loompa.

oh darling, I know why your staring, this tan is faaabulous!

Two! Wear Bathers and Clothes That Suit Your Body Shape

By now you would know some clothes that suit you really well (like that blue A-line dress looks amazing but those harem pants do no justice for your legs). Wear what makes you feel really good about yourself, especially if you are a little self-conscious about wearing a bikini. There are many bathers in the market for all different body shapes, check the latest fashion mags they are a great starting point for getting an idea of what cuts and styles of bikini will suit you. If bikini’s still aren’t your thing you could rock a cut out one piece or wear a tankini! The possibilities are endless out there in that wide world of bathers is your perfect match to that gorgeous body of you own.

all shapes and sizes and smiles are sexy

Enjoy Summer And Yourself!

What is truly sexy and amazing is how you look when you are having fun. Isn’t happy person and a smile hotter than someone who is a bit grouchy or doesn’t want to join in? Not only will you be radiating awesome vibes that others will catch (isn’t happiness and smiles contagious?). This can also be taking time out and reading a book, listening to music, eating chocolate and watching movie with the girls, you name it!

I’d love to hear what you do to feel amazing about you and what gives you a confidence boost! Or what do you enjoy doing when you take time out for yourself?

Enjoy Summer!


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