Celebrity Style Steal – One Direction

One Direction are undeniably the hottest boy band on the planet at the moment, not only are they cute, can sing but they dress so damn well! So I thought for my first ever style steal why not steal theirs!

GUYS TAKE NOTE! Girls love guys who can dress well, Even if you loathe 1D if you take a look at their threads, they wear some classic pieces which suit all ages.

and girls…. if your brother or partner needs to inject a little style these pieces are not only great basics but at very reasonable prices too.

Now… down to business!

The boys from One Direction weren’t always so perfectly styled, before they hit the big time as we can see here.

But once they became the superstars they are today their image became more important. Generally first impressions are made by your appearance, especially for job interviews, first dates, parties and other important events you need to dress like the impression you want to make.

As we can see in the next image how much more refined their image became and their own personal style defined, for example Harry Styles wears lots of coats and blazers, Niall wears plain tees or polo’s and Louis wears button up shirts, stripes or coloured jeans.

Now for a little Analysis:

While they all each have their own individual style collectively they have a smart preppy style which widely appeals to people (probably part of why they are so popular with the ladies!). The 1D boys also primarily wear blues, reds, white, beige, grey and greens which are all very youthful boyish colors. simple patterns such as plaid and stripes are only used apart from that they wear plain items of clothing e.g. no slogan tees. accessories are also minimal, only scarfs, sunglasses and suspenders are occasionally worn instead layering of their shirts and jackets is common style for them.

Can I hear you asking where can I buy this some of these cool pieces and add some prep into my life?

here is my first Celebrity Style Steal Page!

So that’s the end of my first Celebrity Style Steal! Which Celebrity should I cover next week guys? Let me know with a comment! xox


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