7 Great Books Any Fashionista Should Read

Already love fashion but want some cool new reads? or looking to get into fashion? maybe want to update your fashion knowledge? here are my lucky top 7 awesome books for any fashionista to read 🙂Imagelets start from the top…

1 Vogue Magazine

Okay so it isn’t exactly a book but it is the fashion bible. Pretty obvious I know but it is a great place to start to get ideas on trends, info on designers and the latest from the catwalks and fashion weeks. Any other fashion based magazines are also awesome but if I was going to pick a go too mag it’s Vogue.

2 The Teen Vogue Handbook

This book provides lots that many others do not and that is insider information on all different fashion related careers from the people who got to the top of their game themselves. Even if you aren’t looking for a career in fashion it’s really interesting to see the journey theses fashion superstars took to get where they are today. It includes interviews, job descriptions, and things used in day to day life on the job.

3 Fashionary

This one isn’t exactly a book either but more like a fashion diary. Fashionary features lightly drawn croquis (fashion figures) to jot your designs down on. This is great for an aspiring fashion designer, illustrator, student or stylist. it also comes with garment and top designer info.

4 Style Me Vintage

Perfect if you love vintage fashion, hair or makeup as it has tutorials and info on them all!  great for any gal who’s exploring her ‘new look’ or wants to learn how to nail vintage style. This book has step by step instructions detailed with pictures so anyone can go vintage glam from the roaring 20’s to the power shoulders of the 80’s.

5 Ultimate Fashionista  The Young Hollywood Style Guide

As the title of the book says its for the ultimate fashionista! This book has chapters on the top thirty under thirty most watched stars for style, celebrity labels, fashion on TV and movies in the different decades and themes, influential people, icons… it covers lots of different fun bases.

6 Minxy Vintage

Another vintage book 🙂 This book has a different take from Style Me Vintage and shows you how to find vintage pieces and translate them into something more modern for today or return them to their former glory. This book has great tips on finding genuine vintage fashions and taking care of them. Especially recommended to vintage loving girls.

 7 FASHION 150 Years

This book is very heavy, so heavy I decided to weigh it. How heavy? *drum roll* please…. 3.1kg!! it features stunning photographs of fashion then and now and provides a detailed history on key designers in the past century. A must read to get knowledgeable in fashion history, How fashion has evolved and how designers made their mark in history.


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